Adjusting Calcium Hardness In Swimming Pools And Spas

Adjusting calcium hardness is a task that should be done very carefully. This process generally involves you having to partially drain your pool and re-fill it once again. On the other hand, you may have to add some calcium chloride as a source of calcium treatment because your pool calcium hardness is too low.

No one like to drain the water from their pool or spa but your calcium hardness may be too high.

Hence you will have to take the necessary steps to correct it.

Adjust calcium hardness using calcium chloride

There will be times when you will need to raise or increase your calcium hardness.

The table below can give you some guidance in reaching your desired ppm levels.

Desired ppm levels400 Gallons1000 Gallons5000 Gallons10000 Gallons20000 Gallons50000 Gallons100000 Gallons
10 ppm0.77 oz1.92 oz9.61 oz1.20 lbs2.40 lbs6.01 oz12.0 lbs
20 ppm1.54 oz3.85 oz1.20 lbs2.40 lbs4.81 lbs12.0 lbs24.0 lbs
30 ppm2.31 oz5.77 oz1.80 lbs3.61 lbs7.21 lbs18.0 lbs36.1 lbs
40 ppm3.08 oz7.69 ox2.40 lbs4.81 lbs9.61 lbs24.0 lbs48.1 lbs
50 ppm3.85 oz9.61 oz3.00 lbs6.01 lbs12.0 lbs30.0 lbs60.1 lbs
60 ppm4.62 oz11.5 oz3.61 lbs7.21 lbs14.4 lbs36.1 lbs72.1 lbs

Before adding the pool chemical calcium chloride to your pool, it is recommended that you mix it in a bucket first. After you have dissolved the calcium chloride contents, pour it into your pool; however, make sure that you brush the bottom of the pool thoroughly.

This process will stir up any undissolved material that may have settle to the bottom of your pool. Make sure that you read the manufacturer's MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) that comes with your pool chemical before you make any attempt at adjusting calcium hardness.

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Adjusting calcium hardness is part of total alkalinity!

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