Swimming Pool Filtration - Helps Eliminate Cloudy Pool Water!

Proper swimming pool filtration will eliminate any small particles that will make your pool or spa appear cloudy and dull. For those of us who have a pool or spa in our homes, we want people to say how lovely and inviting the water looks. Not that it looks cloudy, unsafe, and dull.

We achieve this with good filtration and proper water circulation in our recreational facilities.

Proper pool and spa filtration is extremely important because two main reasons!

This this is how pool operators and managers remove any contaminants that will be the cause for the growth of harmful bacteria and algae growth.

Some of the bacterias that are found in the water of our swimming pools and spas, can be extremely harmful or fatal to human users.

Consequences of poor spa and swimming pool filtration!

Proper swimming pool filtration along with good water circulation, eliminate many of these bacterias. At the same time we are able to filter out many of the small unwanted particles that cause our swimming pool or spa water to look cloudy and uninviting.

When a swimming pool or spa facility have water that appears cloudy, the main drains, suction grates, and the bottom of the pool or spa becomes very difficult to see.

This is very important because if there was a loose bottom drain or grate and you or the pool operator is unable to see it. Your facility is now a very unsafe to its users. Reasons being that the foot or hand of one of your guest could get sucked into the drain or open grate.

Swimming pool filtration at its best

This problem could cause you or another individual your life. It could also bring on a law suit for you the owner of the facility. Unsafe cloudy water can also be an obstacle for lifeguards on duty because they may not be able to see a potential drowning victim or someone who is having some other form of trouble in the swimming pool or spa.

Nevertheless, by removing the contaminants and small particles with good swimming pool filtration and good water circulation, you will make your pools and spas safe, clean, and sparkling.

With more and more people nowadays building swimming pools and spa facilities, it is extremely important that the design of your swimming pool filtration and circulation systems be one that is always functioning properly.

Since your human users can easily pick some kind of sickness from using your facility.

The purpose of a swimming pool filtration system

Remember the aim of your swimming pool filters or pool filtration system is to remove anything that will be a treat to your human users first and foremost. By doing this, you will prevent any potential injury or sickness to them. The design of your pool or spa filtration systems must meet all State and Federal standards.

It should be a system that will dilute, flush, and mechanically remove any insoluble solid materials from the pool water equally. A properly designed and working filtration and circulation system should also be able to equally distribute the same filtered or clean water back to all areas of your pool or spa.

Elements of a swimming pool filtration and circulating system

Achieving swimming pool or spa water that is safe, clean, and clear - involves way more than just a good designed filtration system. It also involves a good circulation system and a good designed sanitation treatment system as well.

Without a good sanitation system, you can not maintain a bacteria free pool or spa for your guests. Although the sanitation or pool chemical treatment is administered during the filtering cycle of your pool water, it is still considered as a separate system.

How is good pool filtration achieved?

Properly filtering the water for a swimming pool or spa requires it to be forcefully passed through a filter media which can either be made up of:

  • Sand.
  • Gravel.
  • Fibrous cartridge.
  • Diatomoceous earth. Also called D.E.
  • When it is time to clean or backwash your pool filters!

    Remember to clean something, we have to first get something dirty. So always ensure that your swimming pool filters are function properly, so that you keep your water clean. Your spa and swimming pool filters will get dirty and build up pressure regardless.

    This filtering process will also cause a reduction in your water flow. When this happens, it is time to backwash or clean your swimming pool filters. There is a saying that the dirtier your spa or swimming pool filters get, the better they filter out the particles in the water.

    This is true - but your water flow is greatly affected meaning that your turn over rate will be affected as well. Keeping your family and guests healthy and safe, will greatly depend on you using the correct size swimming pool filters. The correct pool filter installation will provide you with optimum swimming pool filtration.

    Good swimming pool filtration depends on your filter media!

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