Pool Heaters for Above Ground and Inground Swimming Pools

Pool heaters designed for swimming pools above ground, are a great choice for those that live in the much colder climates. We would all love to enjoy our swimming pools to the very max - even if they are of the above ground type. Swimming pool heating is widely spread these days - simply because people want to get the most enjoyment out of their pools and spas.

This required time of enjoyment is mostly noticed, during the summer months which are the hotter months.

This is because many swimming pool and spa owners/operators want their swimming season to be as long as it can possibly.

And one of the great things about installing heaters for above ground pools or for in-ground pools for that matter - is that they can help us to achieve just that. An above ground pool heater can help you extend your swimming season by up to 25%.

This means that we won't have to worry too much about those cooler temperatures when they come along. Hence your swimming plans will not be ruining or hindered in any way. In relation to swimming pool or spa heaters, there are basically three ways that the water can be heated.

The first is by natural sunlight which is absorbed directly by the pool water. Normally on a nice day, the rate of absorption is about 90%; however, it all depends on the time of season, the availability of shade, and the location and layout of your swimming pool or spa. Your swimming pools can also obtain their heat by conduction.

This is a process where the sunlight that has been absorbed by the deck of your pool (in ground) is transferred directly to the pool water. This is done through the wall structure of your swimming pool and spa. The third way that your swimming pools and spas can receive or gain heat is through fossil fuel, electric pool heaters (heat pumps), heat exchangers, and solar pool heaters. Pool Heaters that are designed for above ground pools are more conducive to the third method mentioned above.

Choosing pool heaters for above ground pools

Before choosing a pool heater for an above ground pool, there are certain factors or considerations that you have to taken into account. Your choice in an above ground heater will depend on your specific pool water heating needs.

There are many heater models to choose from - but choosing the right above ground heater for your pool specific heating needs will also depend greatly on:

  • Your budget that you have allocated for your heater installation.
  • The amount of time that will be required to heat up your pool and spa water.
  • The type of heater that you desires for your swimming pool above ground. This is important because you may decide that you will heat your pool water each time you use your pool. If this is the case, then you will require a rapid-heating-pool heater.

    On the other hand, if you intend to gradually heat up your pool water, to its desired temperature and maintain it at that temperature - then above ground pool heaters that are smaller and slow heating will be more appropriate.

  • The design of your swimming pool or spa and house are also important.

You also have to take into consideration the amount of shade that your pool and spa receives from neighboring trees, screens, and other enclosures.

Above ground pool heaters

Above ground heaters, come mainly in three types. The various brands of heaters for swimming pools and spas are manufactured to either operate as a solar heater, a gas heater, or as heat pump (electric) type heater. By investing in one of these pool heating systems, you will increase you swimming season as was mentioned before.

Not only that - you and your family will get the maximum enjoyment from your above ground pool system. This is possible because your swimming pool heating system will consistently maintain the water at a temperature that is comfortable and inviting.

Pros and cons of above ground pool and spa heaters

So which type of pool heating system is right for you? looking more closely at the three types of heaters manufacturers design may help you decide.

Heaters That Operate on Solar Energy - Having a solar operated pool heating system installed, will give you the advantage of harnessing the sun's natural and free energy. Above ground pool and in ground pool heating systems of this type are extremely efficient and they are the least expensive of all of the other types of pool heating systems available.

Another great thing about owing a solar powered pool heat system, is that they are the ultimate choice when it comes to environmental friendliness.

An above ground pool heating system designed to operate on solar energy, will also save you some money on your gas or electric bill.

Here is another heat saving tip - using your solar operated heater along with a swimming pool solar cover or solar blanket, will help to maintain your water at a very comfortable temperature for a long time.

This is usually well into the cooler months.

Electric Operated Heaters - Pool heating systems designed to heat pools and spas above ground, to some is not as costly as a propane or gas heater.

Therefore, they will not increase your electric bill nearly as much as a heater that is gas operated will--your gas bill. The most popular type used in the heating of in ground pools and above ground pools is the heat pump. This is a great choice for efficiency when it comes to pool heating.

Just in case you didn't know, heat pumps take the heat from the surrounding air, compresses it and then transfer it to the pool water as it passes through the pump system. Unlike natural gas and propane operated heaters used on swimming pools, heat pumps are considered "Low NOx".

Simply - because they do not produce or develop any air pollutants that are hazardous to the environment. Also, because of the way they are operated, heat pump heaters for pools and spas are ecologically safe, clean, and very cost effective.

Heat pumps that are used for heating above ground pools, can also be used in very frigid conditions and they are very easy to operate. Normally you will find heat pump pool and spa heaters in locations where there is no space to accommodate the more efficient solar panel heaters.

Gas Pool Heaters - Heaters for above ground pools which designed to operate on gas or propane, are the most expensive type of pool heating systems available. Gas powered swimming pool heating systems are very expensive because they increase your gas bill significantly.

Although gas swimming pool heaters require very little maintenance - repairs will be very costly whenever it is needed. Repairs normally involve purchasing and replacing various parts on the units and depending on the brand, can be very costly.

One of the key benefits of installing above ground pool heaters that operate on gas - is that they heat up your pools and spas quicker than the other types do.

The rate at which pool heaters for above ground pools heat up your pool, depends on the amount of BTUs (British Thermal Units) the heater is rated for.

The different types of spa and swimming pool heaters listed above are available in many different sizes and models. This gives you a vast variety to choose from; thus, you will have no problem finding the right model and the right size that will meet your pool heating needs.

So make that initial investment in a pool heater and give your family the enjoyment of an extended swimming season. If you are still not sure - visit your local swimming pool supplies store, take a look at the various brands that are available and talk with one of the professional there about an above ground pool heaters.

Pool heaters for above ground or in-ground pools can be electric powered.

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