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Swimming pool care can be very difficult if you don't have the knowledge and experience to do it right the first time! When you talk about caring for swimming pools, a spa or hot tub, there are certain requirements, rules and regulations with guidelines that you as a owner/pool operator or manager must follow.

All of which is absolutely necessary in order for you to keep your guests safe, your swimming pool water safe and free of pathogens; so that you can provide a clean healthy looking waterscape that will be enjoyed by many.

We are certified swimming pool and spa operators with nineteen plus years of experience in spa safety and swimming pool maintenance and repairs under our belt. You will find that the information provided here will help you care, maintain and manage your pool or pools like a pro.

Achieving the knowledge and experience necessary for you to deliver a safe and professional swimming pool care environment or the knowledge necessary to properly balance the water chemistry in your pool or spa is not something that is learned or thought over night.

However, the knowledge gain here at swimming pool care dotcom will have you mastering the care of your pools and spas just like a trained certified operator.

Swimming pool care at its best

With our knowledge and experience, you will be able to operate your swimming pool or spa or even a recreational water facility safely; just like a pro or even better. Below are just some of the informative topics on pool care and spa maintenance that you will learn.

These are professional pool care facts and tips on major concerns like:

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  • how to properly repair swimming pool pumps.
  • How to properly clean a pool or spa.
  • Pool and spa filtration systems and how they work.
  • Types of filters used on pools and spa circulating and filtration systems.
  • how to safely manage a pool and spa facility.
  • Diseases that cause contamination of the water in pools and spas.
  • How to safely sanitize and disinfect the water in your pool and spa.
  • Water circulation as it relates to pools and spas etc.

These are just some of the topics that we will be sharing the facts on with you; hence, teaching and showing you how to do it right yourself. Trust me, by the time we are finish teaching and discussing with you what we have learn over the past nineteen years about basic and professional pool care and spa water maintenance, you will be a master at it as well.

So let us make you an expert by showing you what we know about proper swimming pool care; so that you can safely maintain your recreational or privately owned swimming pool with professional care.

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Table of Contents:

Swimming Pool Safety - Water safety tips for swimming pools and spas.
Swimming Pool Safety tips. Pool water safety tips that will keep pool goers safe. Learn the water safety facts that will keep your kids free of injury...
Swimming Pool Filter - The Right Pool Water Filter Is Essential
A swimming pool filter – Spa and pool filters are classified by the type of media that they use. Swimming pool or spa filters can be of a pressure or vacuum type of filter.
Swimming Pool Water Problems - Pool and Spa Water Problem
Pool water problems can result in pools appearing green, foamy, cloudy, dull, and hazy looking. Unbalanced water chemistry cause serious swimming pool water problems.
Pool Algae Problems - Problems With Algae in Swimming Pools
Pool algae problems in spas and swimming pools. Algae problems in pools and spas are caused by various types. Maintaining the required chlorine levels eliminate most pool algae problems.
Swimming Pool Contamination...Pool Water Quality...Pool Contamination
Swimming pool contamination will harm your guests! Pool or spa water that is untreated have many disease carrying micro organisms from infected swimmers!
Waterborne illnesses - Pool Illnesses That Are Waterborne
Waterborne Illnesses – Waterborne diseases caused by various bacteria, viruses and protozoa usually occur as a result of inadequately treated pools and spas. Other factors causes waterborne diseases.
Swimming Pool Sanitation - Pool Sanitation Kills Diseases and Pathogens
Swimming pool sanitation means visual clarity and microflora levels. Pool sanitation is a process that destroy micro organisms that can cause human diseases.
Total alkalinity Purpose In Swimming Pools And Spas
Total alkalinity in swimming pools is vital to its water chemistry. Alkalinity is the measure in the ability of water to resist pH swings.
Pool Chlorine Smell - Pool Chlorine Smell is a Problem.
Pool chlorine smell or chloramines is not an indication of too much pool chlorine. When your pools smell like chlorine, it is a sign of a poorly sanitized pool.
Cloudy Water in Pool – Cloudy Pool Water After Shocking
Cloudy water in pools is caused by poor filtration systems and pool chemical balance. Causes of cloudy pool water must be corrected. Learn more about cloudy water after shocking pools…
Calcium Hardness in Pools...Swimming Pool Maintenance
Poor calcium hardness levels can destroy your pool! If it is not right, it can lead to an aggressive pool. Calcium hardness is the measure of the dissolved calcium in your pool water.
Swimming Pool Stain - Swimming Pool Staining Problems
Pool stain treat on surface walls and bottom can be the result of metals in your pool water. Staining can also be caused by chemical reaction. Regular water testing can produce a stain free pool.
Swimming Pool Scale - How to Prevent Swimming Pool Scale
Swimming pool scale can be prevented. Scaling problems in swimming pools occur as a result of high levels of calcium and/or silicate. Maintaining your total hardness prevents pool scale.
Swimming Pool Pumps – Pool Pumps and Filters
You’re Swimming Pool Pumps. Pumps are a big part of swimming pool equipment. Inground and above ground pool pumps are the driving force behind pool filtration systems.
Pool Chemicals - Which Pool Chemical Sanitizes Your Pool Water Best
Pool chemicals ensure good pool water chemistry. Pool chlorine is a commonly used pool chemical in spa and swimming pool water sanitation.
Cyanuric Acid - Swimming Pool Cyanuric Acid Use
Cyanuric acid is a mild acid used as a chlorine stabilizer. Not all pool chlorine need cyanuric as a stabilizer. Chlorine like trichlor already has both chlorine and cyanuric acid.
The use of bromine in swimming Pools and spas.
Bromine is a chemical commonly used in swimming pool sanitation. Using bromine tablets as a pool sanitizer is less compared to the use of chlorine.
Stabilized Chlorine Sanitizers - Swimming Pool Sanitation Chemicals
Stabilized chlorine sanitizers maintain your pool water quality! Maintaining a safe concentration of disinfecting chlorine is critically important because it ensures the health of your pool bathers.
Unstabilized Chlorine Sanitizers..Pool Chlorine Sanitizers..Pool Water Chemistry
Unstabilized chlorine sanitizers inactivate most microorganisms. Swimming pool disinfectants are also effective at killing algae.
Chemical Probes Used in Swimming Pool Monitoring
Chemical probes when they are use with an electronic pool controller can help prevent over feeding or under feeding of your pool chemicals.
Pool pH level testing - Test pH Level of Water - Spa and Pool Water Chemistry.
Your pH level testing is very important. Testing helps maintain a normal pH level in pools and spas. Testing your pH level and disinfectant daily is a test required by swimming pool health codes.
Pool Alkalinity Too Low or Too High!
Total Pool alkalinity should be constantly monitored and if too low or too high adjusted in small increments. Total alkalinity is a major factor in pool water chemistry.
Pool Water Balance - Swimming Pool Water Balance is Important.
Pool water balance creates an environment that optimizes your disinfection process. It will protect your pool and spa systems from chemical corrosion.
Saturation Index - Pool Saturation - Langelier Saturation Index Conversion
The Langelier Saturation Index formula is used to determine the adequacy of pool and spa water. The calculation is conducted based on corrosion and scale formation in your pool or spa.
Chlorine Generators - Using a Chlorine Generator Sanitizer
Chlorine generators for swimming pools have their advantages. However using a pool chlorine generator system also has its disadvantages.
Chemical Gas Feed Systems - Chlorine Gas Feed Systems
Gas feed systems rely on the venturi principle. With the venturi set up the gas is mixed into the flow of the pool water circulation. This allows the gas to properly dissolved...
Chemical Controllers Use on Commercial Swimming Pools
Automatic pool chemical controllers. Automatic pool controllers use a special microprocessor as its basis of operation. Pool controllers can be very basic or very complex.
Chemical Feed Systems In Pool Water Treatment
Chemical feed systems can be a very complex way of adding chemicals to a swimming pool. Commercial pools around the world use industrial chemical feed systems to analyze and sanitize the water.
Chlorine Erosion Feeders...Erosion Chemical Feeders
Pool erosion feeders are dry chemical feed systems. They are use to dessolve Tri-cholrine or bromine pool sanitizers...
Positive Displacement Pumps are Positive Displacement Feeders.
Positive displacement pumps add pool chemicals into the circulation system. Peristaltic pumps that fall in the category of positive displacement. .
Pool Heaters - Above Ground Swimming Pool Heaters
Pool Heaters for above gorund swimming pools. A pool heating system can extend your swimming season by 25%. A pool heater is designed to be a heat pump, solar, or gas operated.
Pool Filter Pumps | Filter Pumps for Swimming Pools
Pool filter pumps circulate and filter the water in swimming pools. Good water filtration depends greatly on a pool pump that meets your fitering needs. A pool filter pump is the driving force.
Electric Pool Heater - An Electric Swimming Pool Heater Saves Money.
An electric pool heater saves money over time. These type of swimming pool heaters or pool heating systems are cheaper than the traditional gas pool heaters.
Pool Mechanical Feeders..Automatic Erosion Feeders.
Mechanical feeders require some type of energy to operate. The design of your mechanical feed system depends on the type of pool chemical to be delivered...
pH level - Pool pH levels And pH Bounce.
The pH level is essential to pool water balance. You should learn how to test and adjust it. This will help you to maintain good swimming pool chemistry and avoid pH bounce.
Ozone Generators: Using An Ozone Generator For Pool Water Treatment
Ozone generators are machines that produce ozone which is toxic. Ozone machines are installed on pool circulation systems. A corona discharge ozone generator is the most common of all ozone systems.
Ozone Treat ment for Swimming Pools and Spas.
Ozone water treatment kills bacteria. O3 has a very high oxidation potential and it does not remain in water after treatment.
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Pool Water Chemistry Requires Constant Monitoring For Safety
Pool water chemistry can be a dangerous environment for swimmers! Troubleshooting the chemistry of pool water systems is not easy but owners must monitor their pH, alkalinity and other pool chemicals.

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