Cloudy Water  In Swimming Pools 

Cloudy water in your swimming  pools; what are the causes of this unsightly problem or why do I have it in my pool? There are many known factors or reasons for cloudiness in your swimming pool or spa. The fact of the matter is that, there is no single cause for this swimming pool water problem.

Maybe you just super-chlorinated your pool without checking its parameters first! this could be one more reason why you have cloudy water after shocking. However, when we go to a recreational water facility, we want to enjoy a clear, sparkling pool or spa not one that looks like someone threw milk in the water.

However, a swimming pool or spa looses its beauty when the water is cloudy.

For the most part,  this problem is very uninviting to swimmers like you and I - because of the dull, hazy, and/or cloudy water pool or spa.

Most Common Causes Of Cloudy Water In Pool And Spas

The most common causes of cloudy pool water include:

  • Improper or poor water filtration. Pool filters not functioning to their full capacity.
  • Insufficient or poor water circulation. In other words, poor water flow and turn over rate.
  • Poor pool water chemistry. Your pool chemicals are not properly balanced.
  • High Calcium Hardness.

The early stages of algae growth which is caused by poor sanitation and oxidation levels, is also a swimming pool water problem; which leads to cloudy water in your facility.

Why is my pool water cloudy?

Cloudy pool water is a very wide open ended issue that many pool/spa operators experience worldwide. Still it has to be addressed if we are going to avoid green, milky, and hazy looking pool water. The cloudiness that we experienced in our pools and spas, is the results of the presence of small or fine suspended particles that are in the water.

I know you may be asking the question "why don't my pool filters filter out these particles?"

Well! The truth of the matter is that these particles are too minuscule that they cannot be filtered. This means that they pass right through our pool filters and right back out to the pool or spa. Because these particles are too minuscule to be filtered, they are also very difficult to be removed from our swimming pool water by oxidation.

Cloudy Water

Causes of cloudy water in swimming pools

As I stated above, the cloudy pool water that you may be experiencing, is caused by the presence of fine suspended particles in the water; which are too small to be filtered out. One major set back with this swimming pool water problem, is that environmental factors such as the wind, rain, and the surrounding vegetation, are contributing elements that are responsible for these small particles in our pools.

The environment we cannot control but there are other contributing factors that cause cloudy water in our pools that we can control.

The other causes of a cloudy water pool or spa are:

  • Algae growth (green pool water) -This pool water problem is caused by low or inadequate pool sanitation/oxidation.
  • Poor pool water filtration - This is the results of a pool filter system being too small for the job or a system that is not functioning properly.
  • Insufficient time for filter turn over rate to be achieved.
  • Backwashing too frequently - It is very important that we allow our pool filters sufficient time to collect or filter out the water. Filters work better when they get dirty; however, we don't want them to get too dirty; because our pressures on the filters will increase and our water flow or circulation will be reduced or decrease.
  • Poor pool water circulation - This is usually the results of a swimming pool pump being too small or not working at all.
  • Heavy bather or swimmers loads - This problem depletes your pool sanitation or disinfectant capabilities; thus, contaminating your pool water with residues of human skin, bacteria, suntan lotion, and cosmetics.
  • Pool heaters - If the heating system/s for your swimming pools and spas are inadequately treated chemically, you will have a build-up of bio-films and algae; which will lead to the water in your swimming pool being cloudy water eventually.
  • Bio-films build-up in your pool filters - Other than your pool filters, you can also have a build-up of bio-films in your swimming pool pumps and plumbing lines.
  • Insufficient sunlight in your pool or spa - Fact of the matter is that, we need the UV rays because they are a great source of natural oxidizers.
  • The pH of your pool water is too high - This causes your pool chlorine to work more slowly or not at all. Therefore the cloudy pool water is the result of algae growth.
  • The alkalinity level of your pool water is too high.
  • The stabilizer (Cyanuric acid) level in your pool or spa is too high.
  • Your pool chlorine level is too low.
  • The calcium hardness level of your swimming pool water is too high.
  • Your TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level is too high.
  • You have high levels of metals in you water. This gives you a discolored pool water appearance.

How To Clear Cloudy Water In  Swimming Pools Fast

Usually the first step in correcting a cloudy water pool situation, is checking your swimming pool filtration system. You need to clean your pool filters as needed and re-establish proper water flow rates. There are certain products that are available which can aid in cleaning your filtration system.

These cleaning agents are designed specifically for cleaning different types of filter media. So once you know the type of filter media your pool/spa filter carries, you can purchase the correct filter cleaning aid. Now, once you have cleaned and corrected any filtration problems, you must obtain proper water balance.

This will help in getting rid of the cloudy water in your swimming pool.

After correcting any problems with your pool filtration system, the flow rate, and your pool water chemistry and you still have swimming pool water that is cloudy; then the most likely cause for your cloudy pool water now is suspended microscopic particles.

Your next course of action at this point, is obtaining a good quality pool water clarifier.

Using this product in your pool water will allow the suspended particles to clump together. At this stage, the fine suspended particles are now large enough that they can be properly filtered out. Also by testing and correcting the other problems and causes of cloudiness in your swimming pool, you will correct your problem with swimming pool cloudy water.

Cloudy water in swimming pool and spas results from poor water filtration.

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