Swimming Pool Mechanical Feeders Work Under Pressure

Your mechanical feeders are designed according to the type of swimming pool chemicals that they are set up to deliver. In the swimming pool and spa industry, many diverse types of chemicals are used - some of these pool sanitizers are available in a gas, a liquid or as a solid.

All of which are used with manual and automatic chemical dosing systems for swimming pools.


For each of these chlorine chemical categories, there is a chemical feeding system that is designed to deliver them automatically to the water of your swimming pool.

Energy Sources Used To Operate Pool Mechanical Feeders 

These types of chemical feeders require some form of energy power source to function correctly. The energy power source to activate certain chemical feeder/s can electrical which operates:

  • Motor driven pump.
  • A piston type pump.
  • A diaphragm type pump.

Another source of energy that may be utilized to activate your feeder system is the flow of your swimming pool filtration or circulation systems. This is usually the water flowing from your chlorinator or brominator feeders.

Depending on which one you use as your pool sanitation delivery system. The activation of swimming mechanical feeders can also come from the use of a hydraulic system.

This could be from a venturi system which creates energy through a vacuum suction. This type of system is usually set up on an ozone delivery system. The principle here is that...the ozone system will draw the chemical into your pool or spa water through the suction that is created by the venturi system.

Another way that you can achieve activation of your swimming pool mechanical feeders is by using a gas. This gas is under pressure and condensed into its liquid form. Using a swimming pool mechanical feeder gives you the option of adjusting the amount of pool chemical that it will add to your swimming pool or spa water.

How To Set-up Swimming Pool Mechanical Feeders

Let's face it - Besides the dangers of dealing directly with some swimming pool and spa chemicals, no one likes to physically handle these products. Therefore, having the option of adding these pool chemicals automatically is always welcome.

However, when you decide to go with an automatic mechanical feeder for delivery of your swimming pool chemicals, you don't want one that you have to work manually. Am I Right?

In this world of automatic digital technology, we want everything easy and set up correctly. Hence, we want the right automatic equipment for the job. Some chemical feeders are designed to be controlled by electrical timers. These ones are set up to work semi-automatically.

However, there are some feeders that are designed to be fully controlled automatically...like erosion feeders.

The controllers that are normally used for this task can be set to open or close a valve/s, whenever your levels drop below or rise above your original setting.

These controllers can also be set up where they would monitor the entire water chemistry of your swimming pool or spa.

You can even use them to control your pool or spa lighting as well. The possibilities are huge. These are overly complex types of controllers. However, you can get some that are less complex.

Trust me when I say - they can make your job of operating a properly sanitized swimming pool/spa quite easy. With this type of set up, sanitizing, or dosing your water facility is fully automatic. Some erosion feeders usually have some way for you to adjust or regulate the flow of water as well.

This procedure will manually control the amount of swimming pool chemical treatment being added to your pool water. Treating your swimming pool or spa can be a difficult and daunting task when done manually; however, we want our task to be safe and easy.

We can only achieve this if we use a fully automated system that will successfully operate all our swimming pool mechanical feeders.

Mechanical feeders are apart of good pool water chemistry!

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